Tech & Cyber Programs

National BDPA's Greater Washington, D.C. Chapter (BDPA-DC) develops, trains, and provides High School Computer Competition (HSCC) teams, with annual I.T. and mobile showcase events complimenting junior application development (JrDev) and gaming programs. STEM Volunteers are always invited as sponsors, coaches, project managers, or chaperones.

Community STEM + Youth Technology Programs

  • Web Development

    Our High School Computer Competition (HSCC) Course is designed for students who are technology driven and interested in developing a career path in Software Engineering, Web Design, Data Science, Cyber Security, Networking, Computer Hardware, and other emerging areas of Information Technology. The course objective is to teach students in grades 7 to 12, the fundamentals of software development using popular languages as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL while also learning Cyber Security, Database Design, Computer Networking and Hardware to prepare students for opportunities  to win scholarships toward college and careers in cyber security. 


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  • Game Development

    The gaming industry is constantly growing and changing as computers and technology continue to advance. Until computers can program themselves, there will always be more room for programmers in the IT field. Our class is here to teach programming through the development of video games as they are not very different from the applications we use on our computers and phones every day.

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  • Multimedia Programs

    Since 2015, We have brought to the table Multimedia to students between middle and high school, to teach them the industry from some of the most talented people in the DMV area.

    The Multimedia is a class that focuses on the how to of a full video production of some of your favorite movie and TV productions with some of the most creative minds we have to offer. Focusing on all the stages of production, the different rolls and positions that make your favorite films possible. As well as we also focus on the photography aspect of multimedia, talking about how to frame, light and photo editing in all different applications at the same time teaching the ways of making their photos intriguing.

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The Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship (SITES) program falls under the STEM+ pillar of National BDPA. This program was created to expose our youth to the concepts of computers and give them the expertise to develop web applications. Throughout the year, local chapters conduct SITES training programs for the youth in their communities. There are currently several programs that fall under National and Local BDPA Chapter  SITES umbrellas.


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